Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lord, when I am hungry

This is from Liturgy of Life, an anthology compiled by Donald Hilton based on patterns of Christian worship (1992).

Lord, when I am hungry, give me someone in need of food;
When I am thirsty, send me someone needing a drink;
When I am cold, send me someone to warm;
When I am grieved, offer me someone to console;
When my cross grows heavy, let me share another’s cross;
When I am poor, lead me to someone in need;
When I have no time, give me someone I can help a little while;
When I am humiliated, let me have someone to praise;
When I am disheartened, send me someone to cheer;
When I need understanding, give me someone who needs mine;
When I need to be looked after, send me someone to care for;
When I think only of myself, draw my thoughts to another …

Co-workers of Mother Teresa in Japan

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