Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Looks like I'm not waiting until June to do a post after all. I couldn't let Good Friday go past without doing at least something.


  1. Dear Liz,

    Thanks for posting that. I'd forgotten just how moving The Passsion of the Christ was.

    One thing I do remember about the film, watching this highlights reel of it, is how the actor playing Christ is so much like I imagined Our Lord to be in real life, and how unlike Mary, the woman who played the Blessed Virgin was.

    I have read the book Mel Gibson based this film on, 'The Dolorous Passion of Jesus Christ' by St Anne Catherine Emerich, and he did a very faithful translation of it.

    Life is so strange. How he could leave his wife Robyn (I think) and his children for some young piece of bimbo muff, after making a film like this is almost beyond me. But give any man $2billion dollars, and he'll lose the plot.

    I know a lawyer in Melbourne who is quite chummy with Mel Gibson. He went to watch this film being made. He said, it was so funny being at Mass in the mornings because the actor who played Christ was already made up for the film, so there was Christ at His own Mass. What a spinout that would have been.

    I think it's Jim Cavaziel or something. I've seen him in other films but can't remember the name of them.

    Anyway, have a holy Easter.

    David & Teresa.

  2. Dear David,

    I went and saw The Passion at the movies by myself. I'm pretty sure it's the only time I've ever gone to the movie theatre alone. I can't remember any other times anyway.

    But I was glad I did. Firstly, because I cried a lot. I tend to cry in movies a fair bit. But I'm sure I cried more for this movie than I have for all the other movies I've watched put together. So at least, as I was by myself, I didn't need to be too embarrassed about it.

    But also, it was nice just to be by myself afterwards. I was glad I didn't have to try and make conversation or talk about it to anyone else. But could just be alone with my thoughts.

    As for Mel Gibson, I don't know anything about it, but I guess there's lots reasons why people might leave their wife. Maybe they had a miserable marriage. Maybe he thought he had a good reason. Or maybe he fell in love and just didn't care.

    Besides which, I think that most (if not all) people could completely turn their back on God given the right (or maybe that should be wrong) circumstances. Even people that do amazing things for God can end up turning their back on Him completely.




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