Monday, February 15, 2010

What I am Thankful For

This is a really daggy thing to do. And if there’s ever a post that you don’t want to read, this is probably it. But I feel like it’s needed at this time. More for my own benefit, than anything else.

Here is a list of all the things that I am thankful for:

• My faith
• My children
• My father, my grandmother, my sister and my mother.
• My house
• My dog
• The fact that I could manage to get a new computer when the old one died
• The box of veggies I just had delivered from (and no, they’re not paying me, but they deserve a plug).
• Trees, birds, grass and flowers.
• The fact that no-one has yet put a multi-storey complex in the showground near my house.
• iTunes
• My son fixing my iPod
• Bon Jovi songs
• Being able to study theology
• Learning about Catholicism
* The Catholic Church
• Books, books and even more books.
• The items I have on top of my TV cabinet.
• Sunshine
• Seasons
• Rain
• The delight on children’s faces as they go jumping in puddles
• The sound of my children praying.
• Finding friends in unlikely places
• Having people in my life that know me well, but still love and accept me.
• Getting help from people when I least expect it.
• Conversations about God.
• The bible.
• Watching Dr Who with my boys.
• Cuddles and kisses from my sons.
• Hearing my children sing.
• Laughter, silliness and absolute hilarity.
• The funny conversation I had with my son this morning about how the opposite of upset should be downset, but downset sounds more unhappy than upset.
• The humour in having to walk to the shops with a child’s umbrella that only covers three-quarters of me, has five holes in the top of it and keeps collapsing on my head.
• Podcasts.
• Curling up on the couch on a rainy day and reading.
• Aromatherapy oils.
• Long, hot baths.
• Having three different people give me clothes for the boys in the past week.
• The fact that I managed to cover at least one school book this year without putting creases in it.
• White chocolate.
• Being asked to make cheesecakes for my friends.
• Blogging
• Emails
• Writing
• Learning
• Music
• Beautiful art and architecture
• Old buildings
• Old churches
• Knowing that if I walk down the street, I will usually say hello to at least one person I know.
• Knowing that I don’t need to be wealthy to be happy.
• Knowing that I don’t need to be successful (as the world defines success) to be happy.

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